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This potent new import is an amazing 2-CD set featuring some of the best in Nu Ambient and downtempo techno, mixing old classics, such as Aphex Twin's "Analogue Bubblebath 1" and "Watchlar" by the Cocteau Twins, with new gems, like "Pink Solidism" by Yonderboi and "Lila Love" by Chris Zippel, who mastermined the gathering of 30 well-chilled tracks. He combines old, current & new versions with enough unreleased tracks to attract even the most avid Nu Ambient fans. This is definitely one of the most exciting collections in this style yet, and a year-end surprise that is receiving tons of airplay. Artists include Genuine, Beanfield, Ohmega Tribe, Patchwork, Marmion, Coldcut, Gabriel Le Mar (aka Saafi Brothers), Yulara, Shantel, & Jorg Schaaf. Available as an import on the ZYX label!



Here is another downtempo compilation from ZYX, also compiled by Chris Zippel. "Chillout Voices" features a host
of big names, such as Groove Armada, Genuine, Tosca, Yulara, Nitin, Sawney, Ian Pooley, St. Germain, David
Sylvian, Shantel, Boards Of Canada, Future Sound of London, William Orbit and many more. There are two CDs



man oh man, this record is sooooo smoth and hot! ... andthis record ain't about any doors reinterpretation. you can work any of the cuts in from a havey house set or work it in from a slamming techno set...either way you will get some fierce results. my crowd was eating it up the first night i played it, and trust me your crouw will go with you on this record. if you are smart you will get to copies and make you own marathon mix out of it. this record is so userfriendly with its nice long intro beats and exits. my compliment to chris on this great record. you'll hear this record on any circuit party you attend this summer.
DJ RADIONIC, vybemuzik

review // magazine mushroom hamburg
"besonders genial ist der berliner schoengeist, wenn er sich aufmacht, auch mal tanznummern aus dem aermel zu schuetteln.
nach eternum auf organic rec schickt er auf mfs nun "riders of the storm" ab.
mit geradezu unbaendigem selbstbewustsein wird der a mix "open air anthem" genant, was den track bestens beschreibt und nach vollzogener hoerprobe
von hieraus vollends bestaetigt wird. goettliches stueck, chris zippel in hochform, mfs at it´s best!"


Review // at a glance
Genuine is the nom de guerre of Berlin dance musician/producer Chris Zippel, owner of the Chill Out Studio. This adjective describes his particular version of electro-ambient music to a "t". On Nu Ambient Grooves, old-school rhythms blend with liquid sound collages, resulting in subtle-yet-listenable tracks. Subtlety is, of course, the name of the game in chill-out music and Zippel's strength is to create mellowness that can also draw the listener in. -- nw


Review // Backroads Music, Mill Valley
Call the Ambience! Someone has ignited this new upbeat ambient style beyond the boiling point, and his name is Chris Zippel. Chris is a German artist with tons of production credits and DJ chops.
He records for Germany's Ninetysix Sounds label a series called "genuine-nu ambient grooves", and what we have here is truly the "genuine article"! Highly explosive, deep grooves, murderous rhythms, kinetic counterpoints and samples galore add up to one of the hottest titles of this year, last year, and probably even next year. Despite the heat warnings - and they are definitely dancing in the street - there is plenty of "cool" present as well, with chilled soundscapes pumping along under blissed out vocal samples that keep the air quality extremely high while leaping out in all directions. Spacey elements prevail on some tracks, while on others snappy drop-out beats alternate with scratchy/catchy cruisers and downright nasty rhythms that pull you to your feet - fast!
This is ambient dub at its very best, due equally to the kaleidoscopic songwriting, the killer rhythm section, and Zippel's extreme studio expertise that brings the sound quality to a new level all on its own.
We are talking Genuine here - accept no substitute!
Lloyd Barde


Review @ Tip Magazin Berlin, © 19 / 98
Massive, intelligent beats ennoble ambient sounds to tiptop-Trip-Hop. Relaxing, but exciting. Respect. DAK


Downtempo Album of the month // Ten Dance Oktober 1998
This 16 track long album of the Berlin producer Chris Zippel stretches from light "broken beats" all the way to Trip Hop, is of a floating conzept anf underlines its very own character with soft soundexperiments. Besides known Ambient-Features Chris is also using agressive sounds , they give clever mixed up a bustling effect, but never move out of context. Thoroughly postive is the spreading of the emotions up to a light lethargy. Brilliant! DST


Downtempo Album des Monats @ Ten Dance Oktober 1998
Das insgesamt 16 Tracks umfassende Ambient-Album des Berliner Produzenten Chris Zippel bewegt sich von leichten Broken Beats bis hin zu Trip Hop, bildet ein durchlaufendes Konzept und unterstreicht den eigenen Stil mit leichten Soundexperimenten. Chris benutzt neben altbekannten Ambient-Features auch agressivere Sounds, die geschickt verstrickt einen treibenden Effekt erziehlen, sich aber nicht aus dem Kontext bewegen. Durchaus Positiv ist die Streuung der Emotionen bis hin zu leichter Lethargie. Genial! DST


Review // Wax, The UK´s Dance / Specialists, Oct/Nov 1998
This Berlin based label has been quitely givin´up chill out numbers from a manifold range of artists for a while. The name of this album goes a long way to explaining what it´s all about.
Staying mainly left of centre, Chris Zippel delivers the dark and the light side of the ambient electronic journey. Heavy dubby grooves are made interesting with wicked basslines, drop out beats, catchy melodies, and blissed vocal and musical samples. Should be in everyone´s ambient collection.
Kary Stewart


Review @ Tip Magazin Berlin, © 19 / 98
Oberfette, intelligente Beats veredeln Ambient Sounds zu tiptop - Trip - Hop. Entspannend aber nicht unspannend. Respekt.




Review // amazing
A powerful album. Heavy, yet consistent percussion is linked to careful effects and varied samplers so as to submerge in the deepest of grooves. The environment is dense; only in few occasions a slight melody appears, or some piano notes, or a watery sound, to add some oxygen... yet always in the most adequate moment. Mention must be made of the remarkable role of the sequences, memorable as they are in the ninth theme,"Upon the face of the deep": grave, intense, impressive...LAURA S. GARCIA


Review // get music
Another Collection of Beats and effects masterminded by Chris Zippel, Nu Ambient Grooves, Vol 2. arguably betters its prdecessor at exploring the effects of stellar rhythm - havy sampled laid over a variety of lazy-day atmospheres. though the album is solid throughout, the fusion works best on candy nights, stretch marks, and summerblink. JOHN BUSH


Review @ New Age Voice recomends April 1999
With "genuine - nu ambient grooves 2," German artist Chris Zippel creates a musical work that is a cut above the rest and sets a new standard in ambient/electronic music. One of a kind? Defenitely! Simultaneously chilled out but extremely upbeat, Chris´production and DJ skills concoct a mesmerizing mix of deep grooves, spacey sounds, tons of samples (ranging from Carpenters to Star Trek), snappy vibes and deft rhythms to keep your ears busy throughout Genuine´s nearly 74 minutes. It´s active, not reactive and refuses to just lie there like so many other ambient/electronic releases!


Mark GustafsonReview @ Raveline 12 / 1998
Wenn es um die Definition ambienter TripHop - Musik geht, kommt man zum ausklingenden Jahrtausend nicht an dem Berliner Produzenten Chris Zippel vorbei. Bereits wenige Monate nach seinen "genuine - nu ambient grooves" steht das Follow Up in den Regalen und untermauert nachhaltig und beeindruckend, wohin der Trip entspannender "Wohnzimmer - Musik" gehen soll: in warme Welten aus dubbigen Grooves, trickreichen Basslines und intelligenten, fetten Beats. Willkommen auf dem Zippelchen Ambient -
Floss zur eindrucksvollen Reise durch sanft dahin fliessende
TripHop - Gewässer. Fett! Dr. Beckmann


Review // amazon.de
Traumhaft!!!!, 23. November 2001
Wow! Viel braucht man nicht zu sagen! Großartig, einfach genial zum Träumen, Relaxen oder einfach um den stressigen Alltag zu vergessen...! Groovig wie "Stretch Marks" oder "2 decades 2 go", verträumt wie "Summerblink" und "Bliss" und einfach total schön wie "Lela loves u"! Die CD hat alles was Ambient in 70 Minuten hergeben kann! Ich erwähne auch gern die CD "ChillOut Area Vol.2", eine von Marcos Lopez gemixte Compilation, die vom Stil her ähnlich und mindestens genau so hervorragend ist!


Review // Wind and Wire, © March/April 1999
This is a very modern sounding disk. It is contemporary and beyond shallow trends at the same time. If Brian Eno was in his prime, doing electronica now, it would probably sound a lot like this. These ambient grooves are rich in textures, consciousness and technical proficiency. Herr Zippel knows how to keep the beat going without becoming just another techno drone clone. And he is a master at introducing all sorts of amazing amazing sounds (the subtle, soft, static-like sound on track five is astonishing. Put your headphones on). The first song, "Wo Ewig Meine Seufzer Wallen," wastes no time establishing the groundwork; it moves flawlessly between the beat and ethereal emptiness and back again. Each of the sixteen tracks are great but I especially liked "Candy Nights" and "Saw The Eclipse." And you will TRULY be amazed when a familiar woman's voice slowly emerges from within "Lela Loves U." Who would've ever dreamed that one day you'd be hearing Karen Carpenter in a contemporary electronic format? It is satori! There are also three snippets of sci-fi movie dialog gibberish thrown in for fun and the disk concludes with the gentle, swirling rains and thunder of "Gone." Chris Zippel proves that he is definitely a trickster shaman of the highest degree and this CD is a mandatory purchase for all the rest of us.


Mann Makula Hawks Review // Mushroom and Loop Trenddokument 12 / 98
Chris Zippel ist schon ein bischen so eine Art König gefühlvoller, weicher Ambient-Tracks. Seine Nu Ambient Grooves gelten als Klassiker, mit denen er sich eine große Akzeptanz in den verschiedensten Lagern elektronischer Musik erarbeitet hat. So schafft er es auch mit seiner zweiten Version neuer Grooves, Sentiment und variantenreiche, tricky Beats zu kombinieren. Insgesamt 16 Tracks, von denen einige Kürzel zwischendurch nur ein paar kurze vocale Weisheiten vermitteln sollen. Größte Hitqualitäten haben nach meiner Einschätzung "stretch marks" und "Lela Loves You". Kai


Review by Organic for Dream Creation issue June/July 1998
This is an album of incredible depth and maturity. It has certainly been a long time since I heard music produced to this standard. Chris Zippel (who will soon have some release on my label) excels himself, throwing in breakbeats, touches of dub, trip-hop, squelchy 303´s and deep trance that all-in-all is deeply meditative whilst being superbly invigorating at the same time, far outreaching the talents of any mainstream electronic-chill band you´d care to mention. Probably this will be nigh-on impossible to find in th UK , so go to your local record store and demand that they order it for you. You won´t be ´disappointed. Review // Starsrteams Subtitled "Nu Ambient Grooves," Genuine is from Germany's small developing NinetySix sounds label and music maker Chris Zippel, and falls into the category we might loosely label as electro trance-dance. As composer and performer, Zippel has an incredible knack for the kind of groove-oriented sound that we've come to expect from the likes of the Higher Intelligence Agency, Naid and Sanjiva, all Starstreams favorites. Tracks like "Pulse Dub" get into your bloodstream and before long, without knowing it, you find your hips and feet moving to the infectious rhythms. Zippel's studio expertise is evident as he expertly layers equal parts of ambient and dancey elements throughout the tracks. A generous 74 minutes of music with some "borrowed" samples from famous folks we won't mention here, Genuine seems to live


Review @ Melody Maker December 12 1998
Berlin art - house freestyle ambience for a horizon - traversing chill.